What will be instructed?

Beginner classes: Young and Old can learn by us.  Learning how to handle the horses will be a fun and joyful experience.  Learn with our Icelandic or with our large horses.

Advanced classes: Advanced riders can improve their skills under professional guidance.

Trail Riding: Advanced riders are always invited to horseback trail riding (1-3 hours, or even half day)

Dressage hours: The large amount training and learning required to master and internalize the art of Dressage will be designated into specific Dressage times. There are individual lessons dedicated solely to the Dressage.

Jumping hours: Correct breaking, clearing and landing to perfection.

Tournament Training: Our Tournament groups visit several different Tournaments in the Region.  Strict adherence to tournament rules training; seat correction; correct behaving of horse and rider at tournament.

Game Time:  Fun times with even more fun games, for complete beginners, intermediate and advanced riders, school classes, a fun group, or just a few riders getting together.

Polo Time:  Our ponies are available for just about any nonsense, for example polo.  Or learn and practice the fun sport of polo on our high horses. We even have fun polo tournaments.

Gait Courses: The Icelandic horse is known for its five Gaits (walk, trot, canter, Tölt, Pace). Twice a year courses are held with trainers specific to Icelandic horse gaits. Please take this information out of our Monthly program.

Certification badge, Rider Pass, and Licensing course:  Courses are offered several times a year.  A weekly course followed by and exam you will find located in our Monthly program.

Carrige Driving; Driving Lessons:  The secretes of driving on the road with 1 or 2 horses will be learned with small trips on the street.   From beginners to tournament driving you will learn it all.

Lunging Techniques taught Correctly:  Courses taught with and without motivation badge. Regularly offered programs can be found in our Monthly Program

Long Reigning work based on Iberian models: Twice a year we offer our riders the opportunity to work with coaches on the art of working on the long reins while jumping.

Obedience training and practice: go over planning, ride with an umbrella, teach you and the horse not to have fear.

Rehearsal of Music Square Drills for special occasions: Christmas Riding, Summer Festivals

Fairytale High Horse:  For a good cause we always offer something extra special for students to come study. Even a fairy tale.